Oct 17 2017

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2016 Tax bills will be mailedto the owner of record as of April 1, 2016. Taxes are due now. Interest begins on October 1st. The real estate tax amounts and2016Tax Commitment Book . are available here .To view the 2016 Personal Property Tax Commitment, click here .

Real estate taxes are due September 30th of each tax year. The tax bills are normally mailed in late July. ‘s tax year is January 1 to December 31.As with other municipalities in. tax bills are issued to the owner of record as of April 1st of the current tax year. The current (2016) mill rate is 13.7 at 100%.Partial tax payments (including pre-payments) may be made at any time during the tax year. Any payments are automatically applied to the oldest tax due.

Delinquent real estate taxes go to lien in May of the following year; e.g. delinquent 2015 taxes that were due 9/30/15 went to lien on 06/18/2016.

TAX BILLS are mailed to the owner of record ONLY (owner on April 1st of the tax year). For those owners who use an escrow account, the owners are responsible for sending copies of their bills to their mortgage companies and/or escrow companies.

The Benton Town Office staff can answer most inquiries regarding taxes owed for the current and past tax years. Call 207-453-7191 or e-mail. For information and forms related to Farmland. Tree Growth. BETE (Business Equipment Tax Exemption) and more, click here. EXEMPTION. Residents who have owned and lived in their homes for more than 12 months are eligible for a Homestead Exemption which reduces the tax amount due each year. Applications (with instructions) are available at the Town Office or click here. Application remain on file and the exemptions are applied each tax year. If a resident moves to another municipality, then the resident must re-apply in that municipality.

VETERANS EXEMPTION . Many veterans are eligible for a Veterans’ Exemption which reduces the tax amount each year. In general, the exemption applies to veterans who served during a recognized war period and have reached the age of 62. Applicants must provide a copy of their discharge papers (i.e. DD-214) when applying. Certain disabled veterans are eligible as well. Applications (with instructions and eligibility requirements) are available at the Town Office or click here .

ZONING. has Shoreland Zoning as well as local zoning for properties that are in rural, industrial and residential zones. For general information about Shoreland Zoning and to see the Benton Shorerland Zoning Map, refer to the panel at left. Any questions should be referred to the CEO, Adam Bradstreet 314-4126.

TIF DISTRICT. The TIF District in Benton was voted on and approved at the 2014 Town Meeting. A copy of the final TIF application is here.

Selectmen’s Resolution

Tax Maps,zoning information, the Land Use Ordinance Manual and assessing info can be viewed at the following links:

[right-click on image/map file to rotate and to zoom]
2013 Tax Map Index

Benton Zoning Map
Rural District Basic Information
Village and Growth District Info
Industrial District Basic Information

For land value, building value, book/page information and taxes for 2013 tax year, click here .

Flood Zone Maps. For information, click here .

Shoreland Zoning. To view the Town’s Shorland Zoning Map, click
here . Shorland Zoning information from the State’s website is available here.

STREET MAP. Two maps showing the streets in Benton are located here and (the west side of Benton) here .Directions to various streets in Benton are here .

Planning Board
Leo Caron (Chair), Patricia Lanning (Co-Chair), Kathy Bolster, Lance Shores, Alt. Dan Beaulieu, Alt. Darcy Dow (Secretary).

The Benton Planning Board meets at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesday of every month at the Benton Town Office. The meeting is open to the public.

While the Planning Board issues Shoreland Zoning and Conditional Use Permits, the Code Enforcement Officer is able to take action on many projects and building permits that don’t require Planning Board action or approval. Any questions should be referred to the CEO, Adam Bradstreet 314-4126, and he will advise applicants if Planning Board approval/action is required.

For rules regarding setbacks and minimum lot sizes, refer to the Land Use Ordinance Manual which is available here . The pdf files in the above panels have information regarding zoning.

The following standards for single-family detached dwellings are excerpted from the Land Use Ordinance manual:

Minimum Lot size (for single family detached dwelling).
10,000 sq. ft. (sewered) – Village, Industrial and Growth Districts
20,000 sq. ft. (unsewered) – Village, Industrial and Growth Districts
30,000 sq. ft. – Rural District.

Minimum Street Frontage.
125 feet – Village and Growth Districts
150 feet – Rural and Industrial Districts

Minimum Front Setback.
15 feet – Village and Growth Districts
25 feet – Rural District
50 feet – Industrial District

Minimum Side Setback and Rear Setback.
10 feet [Residential] – Village, Industrial, Rural and Growth Districts
20 feet [Commercial, Industrial, Other] – Village, Industrial, Rural and Growth Districts

Any questions should be referred to the CEO, Ross Nason 478-1813

Tax and Assessing Information

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