Jun 13 2017

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2016 Global Talent Recruitment Report

The 2016 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey asked HR professionals from around the globe about the recruiting challenges they re facing, what they were doing to attract talent, and what strategies were most effective. The 2016 report has a special section on leadership and its impact on talent recruitment.

Proving the ROI of Assessments

When looking to get approval for any initiative, senior management is looking for you to tell them how much it will cost and how much of that cost will be recouped. This guide walks you through how to calculate the return on investment you can achieve in order to build the business case for assessments in your organization. It includes examples and easy-to-follow steps for calculating your own return.

An Introduction to McQuaig

Personality assessments can drastically improve an organization s hiring strategy, employee retention, and team effectiveness. But with so many assessment tools available, it s important to know that the one you choose will have measurable, lasting – and positive – effects on your business. We created three short videos to cover the underlying structure of the McQuaig suite of products.


The McQuaig Institute has been removing the guesswork from the hiring process and offsetting bad hiring costs since 1966. More than 1500 companies worldwide have integrated McQuaig into their corporate DNA.

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