Jun 10 2018

Facts – Myths, Pet Rats, pet rat.#Pet #rat

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Facts Myths | Pet Rats

Pet rat

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surrounding pet ownership. Rats are not street rats, and that’s oftentimes

what people confuse them with. They think of them as subway rats, or

they’re some confusion that they’re wild animals. The rats that people keep

as pets are affectionate, loving animals. They were domestically bred and

domestically raised and intended to be pets living in our homes.

extremely rare that rats bite. If they are socialized well, are handled

often. If they are acquired without any previous history that would lead

them to becoming biters, it’s extremely rare that a pet rat is ever going

lot of diseases, I think people have historically been concerned about bubonic

plague and silly things like that. And those things are not issues at all

with keeping pet rats today. The likelihood of them carrying a lot of

diseases or being infested with anything that’s ever a risk to humans is

extremely low. But there are some possibilities, but the risks, like I said,

are extremely low.

don’t tend to like people, that they’re not friendly enough to be kept as

pets. People are used to other rodents type species, like hamsters and

gerbils and they’re used to the level of interaction they have. You can

absolutely get that with pet rats. They long to be held. They love to sit

on people’s shoulders. They like to be part of the family unit.

is that the tail sometimes bothers them. The fact that rats do not have fur

on their tails, for some reason as a personal opinion, bothers some people.

The other thing that bothers certain people are some of the colors because

pet rats come in a variety of different color mutations. There are people

who just feel, for lack of a better term, weirded out by red or pink eyes

or a white animal with red eyes. But there is really no reason for that to

be. There is no negative impaction from that. It’s more of just somebody’s

personal feeling or personal opinion about the rat in general.

to be pets. They love human interaction. They’re friendly. They’re social.

They want to be around their owners, and they enjoy being groomed. They

enjoy being petted. They will actually give kisses. It is extremely rare

that they will bite, and they’re overall great and amazing pets.

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