Jun 24 2017

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College of LAS Illinois

Degrees in Russian and rhetoric help shape the career of a combat reporter

” data-title=”Writing the first drafts of war” style=”background-image:url(‘’)”>

Finding shows promise against incurable ailments such as such as anemias, cystic fibrosis, and heart disease.

” data-title=”Molecular prosthetics can replace missing proteins to treat disease” style=”background-image:url(‘’)”>

Finding overcomes a major barrier to the development of new broad-spectrum antibiotics

” data-title=”Team discovers how to overcome gram-negative bacterial defenses” style=”background-image:url(‘’)”>

Selection is one of the highest honors for scientists

” data-title=”Four professors in LAS elected to National Academy of Sciences” style=”background-image:url(‘’)”>

Dedicate a paver or theater chair in Lincoln Hall in his or her honor

” data-title=”Celebrate a newly minted LAS alumnus or alumna” style=”background-image:url(‘’)”>

New home to two LAS schools will open this fall

” data-title=”Learn more about investing in the future through the Natural History Building” style=”background-image:url(‘’)”>

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